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On to next year: Ride to Conquer Cancer 2014

RTCC 2014

2014 will be my second year riding in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Last year I raised $9100 dollars and I am hoping to do even better this year.

I am a married father of 3 young daughters. 4 year old twins, Charlotte and Aja, and their 2 year old sister Olivia. It has been about a year since my wife, Katrina, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Her initial prognosis was 4 months or less however she has been responding well to her treatment. There is no cure but we have been given a lot more time.

For a young family cancer has effected our lives in many ways. Katrina is living daily with the relatively minor side effects. Our house is up for sale so we can move closer to family and support. The children are in daycare instead of being at home with their mother.

We are all very thankful to still have her with us.

Please support my ride in support of my wife and others living with cancer. I hope one day other families will no longer have to be effected by cancer.

Ride To Conquer Cancer 2013

RTCC 2013

The Montreal Ride to Conquer Cancer 2013 is over and well … what a ride. Thanks to all my supporters I was able to raise 9100$ for the Segal Cancer Center at the Jewish General Hospital.

The ride starts early on the first day. The directions to the site were well marked and there was plenty of parking. I dropped my bag off at one of the trucks that will transport all the luggage to the camp.

It was impressive to watch the crowd of almost 1800 riders and their supporters gather for the start. A full hot breakfast is provided as well as snacks and drinks. Mechanics are available for a quick tune up or fix.

The start takes awhile as all the riders roll out onto the road. The first few kilometers are closed to traffic. One of the members of the group I was with got a flat just a few hundred meters from the start. After changing the tube we were right at the back with the sweep cars, ambulances and police car but we soon caught up at the first rest stop.

The day turned out to be sunny and hot, one of the first of the summer. At the first rest stop it was well supplied with water, energy drinks, snacks and porta-potties for 1800.

The route followed the St. Laurence river though small Quebec towns. Route Day 1

Lunch was in Louiseville, a well supplied lunch box.

After lunch and another pitstop we arrived a camp for the night. 2 person tents, hot showers, hot food, entertainment and … mmmmm … beer.

Day 2 starts early. Camp wakes about 5 am to a hot breakfast. We packed up our gear and the first riders started out on the road by 7am.

The route for day 2 passes through Trois Rivieres and then along the river again. There was one bridge which had to be crossed on foot due to the metal grates were to hard on the thin bike tires. After lunch and some rolling hills we arrived at the finish line to a large crowd, my family and video messages from our supporters. Route Day 2

The Ride to Conquer Cancer is a great cause. Very few people will get trough life without being touched by cancer either themselves or someone close to them. It is something that anyone can do both the riding and the fundraising. I would encourage you to sign up for 2014 in your area. 2014

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped direct traffic, run the pit stops, set up camp and all the other behind the scenes stuff.

First Post: Rainy day at the cottage

First post

A rainy day at the cottage is a great time to setup the new site.

I can’t believe that this is summer. Canada Day weekend cool and rainy. The long term forecast is not looking a lot better.Luckily tomorrow is looking better and the kids and the nephews should be able to get outside and run around.

This weather is not helping my training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer next weekend. It should be a great ride. Total of 230 km, 110 km for the first day and 120 km the second day. To date I have raised about 8200$ and I have ridden over 2200 km in training.